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What Will I Learn?

Learn cutting-edge deep reinforcement learning algorithms—from Deep Q-Networks (DQN) to Deep Deterministic Policy Gradients (DDPG). Apply these concepts to train agents to walk, drive, or perform other complex tasks.

  • Visual learning tips

    Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, and transform. Learn how to use industry-leading software to build innovative.

  • How improve visual design

    Remember skills can be developed with practice. Design crash course through interactive tutorials. Follow design and read design books. Start using tools like Canva and pair it with SocialPilot.

  • Value of visual design

    Graphic design is process of visual communication problem solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual.

  • Difference Between Visual Design and Graphic Design

    User interface (UI) designers are responsible for the “look and feel” of a website, app, or other product. In other words, they're the ones who add colors, pair typefaces, and set layouts.


  • Understand what visual learning is for and how it is used.
  • Need knowledge of photoshop and basic knowledge of indesign.
  • Preferable to have experience with PS, Sketch, Indesign and Adobe XD.
  • Preferable to understand word embeddings.


Your ability to use type is one of the things that differentiates graphic design from other visual professions. A big part of graphic design is understanding typography, developing your knowledge of typefaces, and how to apply them in your design. This will be a constant study throughout your career.

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Course Features

  • Duration 60h
  • Max Students Unlimited
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Advance
  • Category Marketing

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